All of the toys in our infant and toddler rooms encourage children to release their energy and improve their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional development.

Scotty’s Kiddy Korner is a bilingual center. We teach English and Spanish and we also encourage and teach early sign language.

Infants & Toddlers

The objective of the infant and toddler program is to provide an exciting, safe environment that is reinforced with love, encouragement and praise.

Infant Room

Our infant room is designed for eight children with a 1 per 4 teacher to student ratio.  The room is set up with the best developmental equipment needed for infants to grow.  We provide infants with stimulating activities for all their senses.  The caregivers are constantly talking, singing and reading to the babies.  Through these activities and interaction with others the infants develop secure bonds and begin their journey of self awareness.

Toddler Rooms

Our “Toddler 1” room is designed for 8 children, with a 1 per 4 teacher to student ratio, and is the next step at Scotty’s.  The room is designed for “little movers”.  As the children enter the Toddler 1 Room they are provided with an environment which helps their muscles grow stronger as their coordination improves.  The room is bright and colorful and filled with stimulating activities.  A loving and caring staff makes sure that the children are well taken care of, clean, and happy.  The parents begin to receive a monthly calendar with a curriculum designed with age appropriate activities!

Our “Toddler 2” room is designed for 8 children as well, with a 1 per 4 teacher to student ratio, and is full of excitement and active little children! The curriculum becomes more extensive as the children’s level of interest and awareness grows.  The children at this age are becoming more and more aware of themselves and how to communicate their feelings. This is encouraged with activities that help them use tools to begin solving problems.  The children begin to play and cooperate better and the loving staff is there to assist them in their social growth.  The monthly calendar is full of art, sensory, and physical activities so the children are always busy.

Our “Toddler 3” room is also designed for 8 children, with a 1 per 4 teacher to student ratiol, but we also call this our “Transition Room”.  The children in this area are just about to embark on our full day Preschool Program and the teachers in this area are busy getting the little ones ready for it.  This room is centrally located between the Toddler 2 room and the preschool room.  The children are engaged in many activities throughout the day and begin following the preschool curriculum while having the security of the smaller class size.  The children are introduced to the transitional skills they will need to be successful preschoolers.  The teachers in this area encourage the children’s independence while they steadily become more aware of their abilities.

Preschool and Pre-K

The goal of our Preschool and Pre-K program is to provide opportunities that will help children experience and practice the many different kinds of exercises that allow them to acquire feelings of competence, and to capture their natural interests.

This is accomplished by:

  • Providing stimulating materials that meet their many developmental needs.
  • Providing activities that build self-esteem.
  • Developing life skills through play.  We recognize that play is the means by which young children learn valuable life skills.
  • Fostering independence by organizing materials and space clearly so that children know what’s available to them.
  • Providing both active and quiet areas along with the appropriate toys and tools that promote skills and concept learning necessary for future cognitive and effective growth.
  • Providing an anti-biased curriculum to help children develop positive self-concepts without acquiring attitudes of superiority and ethnocentrism by including all children in every activity and area.



The Preschool Classroom is designed for 20 children with a 1 per 10 teacher to student ratio.  We run a full day preschool and also offer part time or preschool sessions as well.
The preschool children are always on the move and we have the space for them to learn and grow in style! The preschool room is bright and big with plenty of room for each learning center. 

The curriculum becomes more detailed and structured offering a well rounded learning experience.  The children are taught with an open-minded nurturing approach.  We have weekly themes to keep them interested while they learn.  We have daily circle times during which the children enjoy story time, singing, learning letters, shapes, colors, numbers and much more.  We supplement our daily curriculum with Creative Movement and Spanish classes.

The room is set up with different learning centers such as Housekeeping, Science Center, Manipulatives, Sensory Table, Music Center, Art and Easel, Library Corner, Castle Center, and many more.  The children interact and play at these centers during the day to provide the maximum amount of social development. 


The Pre-K Classroom is also designed for 20 children with the same ratio as Preschool. We run a full day Pre-Kindergarten program with the option for part time or Pre-K sessions. 

The Pre-K children are provided with all the necessary tools to make them successful as they enter Kindergarten. The program is designed to help children reach their Cognitive, Physical, and Socio-Emotional milestones.  The monthly calendar is full of enriching activities and the children are always busy. 

The teachers use a hands-on approach to learning while providing the children with a calm and structured environment to help build their self confidence while they learn.  The children enjoy playing in  some of the spotlighted Learning Centers including  Med Evil Castle Center, Calico Critters Playhouse, Sensory and Science Center, Train Table Blocks, Writing Center and Music.  In Pre-K the children have weekly Spanish and Creative Movement classes. The teachers recognize that every child is different and they all learn in different ways. We at Scotty’s foster this concept by providing a curriculum that includes all facets of the learning process.

Latchkey Program

The Latchkey program runs all year long in order to provide children 5-12 years old with excellent care when they aren’t in school. We offer before and after school care or part-time just before or just after. The school age children are kept busy all the time with exciting activities each day. After school the children are offered homework help if parents would like. The program is designed to offer outdoor and indoor sports, dramatic play, arts & crafts, cooperative games, puzzles, puppets, science, and much more.

We now offer the Wii Fitness Program.  We feel that the Wii program meets the children’s need for electronic games while getting them Up and Active!!  We also have a full size Air Hockey Table and Arcade Basketball Game for hours of fun.

The Summer Camp at Scotty’s is a great way for children to spend their summers. It runs during our normal business hours. The children are introduced to Lacrosse, Knee Hockey, T-Ball, Basketball, and other sports they are interested in. They are also involved in field trips, nature walks, water days, thematic art units, science experiments, clothing design, construction activities, and much more.

Independence and creative thought is encouraged with the school age children and the teachers for this classroom are very active participants in the children’s growth and development.

Our Outdoor Playground

The playground at Scotty’s is one of our favorite places to be!! The area is divided into different areas to enable us to keep the age groups separate. 

Each area is full of exciting outdoor activities.  The Infant and Toddler areas have many ride on toys, push toys, playhouses, see saws, a play garden and a handcrafted wooden locomotive!  The Preschool, Pre-K and Latchkey sides are designed with clearly defined roads for children to ride their petal bikes and petal go carts on.  There is a handcrafted wooden train and many playhouses full of dramatic play items. 

In its own gazebo, we have a fully motorized Carousel! This is always a popular attraction for the children to enjoy all year round.

The children also enjoy our super large sandbox, where we set up ring toss and horse shoes.  In the summer the children enjoy water days with sprinkler and hose play!  We try to get outside twice a day so the children can have fun while developing their gross motor skills.