Summer Camp Curriculum

The goal of Scotty’s Summer Camp is to provide a challenging mix of both educational and fun activities in-house and outdoors that stimulate intellectual and physical abilities for your child.

Our fun-filled summer camp curriculum is designed to motivate your child’s interest and involve them in experiencing exciting, weekly adventures in and around Scotty’s.

Our Summer Camp is usually a 10 week program (depending on when the previous school year ends and new school year begins). Each week has its own theme. This allows children to have fun, but also learn about new subjects. Some examples of past themes are; Gone Camping, Summer Olympics, Mad Science, and Scotty’s Got Talent, where the children get to pick a talent and showcase it for the other children.

Weekly calendars are sent out for the different themed activities the children be experiencing. These activities include trips to the local park for sports and outdoor fun, trips to learn about the people in out community and the roles they play, as well as Water Day every Friday where the children can play outside with sprinklers and other water toys.

New in 2020, we incorporated ‘Science Rules!’ and ‘Cooking Around the Campfire’ to our summer long program. Each week the children had a new and exciting science experiment that usually ended in a fun mess. They also had a hands on cooking activity making recipes that don’t require an oven or stove. Eating the final product was always everyone’s favorite part.

We also incorporate computer time and arcade time into our weekly activities, but it is limited to short periods of time as planned. Our goal is to not eliminate all technology, but use it as a source of downtime when we feel the children may need it.

Below is a link to our Summer Camp Calendar, followed by links to each week’s calendars. Weekly calendars will be added a week before.

Summer Camp 2022 Calendar

Week 1: Earth- Where are we in Space? – June 20-24

Week 2: North America- Stars & Stripes Forever! – June 27-July 1

Week 3: Antarctica- Water & Ice – July 5-8

Week 4: South America- From Sea to Shining Sea – July 18-22

Week 5: Australia- Camping Down Under – July 25-29

Week 6: Europe- Cirque de Scotty’s – August 1-5

Week 7: Africa- It’s a Jungle Out There – August 8-12

Week 8: Asia- Raiders of the Lost Artifact – August 15-19