Summer Camp

The objective of our Summer Camp program is to instill positive health and safety practices, while providing a flexible yet planned schedule that promotes exploration and discovery of all areas of learning. We aim to provide a comfortable safe environment for the children to enjoy in the summertime!

The classroom is designed to accommodate 27 school-aged children up to age 12 yrs old.

Our Summer Camp program provides a large bright classroom full of toys and activities for children to enjoy.   Children are encouraged to play cooperatively, socialize confidently, share, take turns, follow rules and be kind to one another. The children enjoy playing with puzzles, magnets, video arcades, air hockey, arcade style basketball hoop, dolls and household items in our housekeeping area, they love to build with blocks and use cars and trucks, they enjoy the calico critter doll houses, matchbox cars, computers, animal toys, books, music, science and sensory activities, and much more. The children participate in arts and crafts, outdoor activities, fieldtrips and themed activities.

We start each day…

with free play, socializing, and breakfast (if provided). Next we gather for group time where we discuss the planned day ahead. We discuss social and behavioral expectations and move on to some outdoor activities like going to the park, or local library. Next, we gather for lunch back in the classroom. After lunch, the children participate in themed activities such as Cooking Around the Campfire, where the children make recipes that don’t require a stove or oven, or our weekly Science Rules experiment. Next, we have snack time and get ready for our afternoon. The children play in different learning centers and socialize, then we gather again for an afternoon enrichment activity. To close out the day we do a brain building cognitive activity, play with table top toys, read books, and play games. 

Parents receive a daily verbal report from their child’s teacher indicating how their child ate that day as well as some of the activities their child did that day.

Summer Camp 2023 Calendar

Looking for before/after school care and transportation to/from Philip R Smith Elementary in South Windsor? We can help! Limited space available for our certified bus driver to drive your child to/from PRS! We even have openings for Half Day Wednesday After School care! Call us today at 860-870-9852!