Outdoor Playground

The playground at Scotty’s is one of our favorite places to be!! The area is divided into different areas to enable us to keep the age groups separate.

Our expansive Outdoor Playground is completely fence enclosed, and sectioned off with Infant, Toddler, and Preschool+ sections. Some of the toys we have on our playground include: riding toys, sand boxes, water tables, playhouses, picnic tables, sidewalk chalk, basketball hoops, and balls and more balls for the children to enjoy. Along with age appropriate toys in each section, this is where we have our 10 passenger carousel. There is also a shed for the teachers to store toys, and a garden area where children grow plants during the Summer months.

Recently, we have installed a handcrafted, wooden locomotive in our Toddler area for the children to climb and play on. We also have a handcrafted, wooden train in the Preschool+ section of the playground, where the children’s imaginations love to run wild.