Preschool Transition Room

All of the toys in our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kids’ Klub Rooms are carefully chosen to make sure they provide children the opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and social-emotional development.
Our Preschool Transition Room is designed for up to 5 children ranging in ages 2 ½-3 years old with a 1:4 teacher to child ratio. There is a table where the children eat, do arts and crafts, as well as other educational activities. Each child has their own cubby for storage of personal items. Children in this room have access to a bathroom located in the room for easy access to use the restroom/to wash hands. This bathroom is equipped with a changing table for children still in the process of potty training. There are additional bathrooms in Preschool, if needed, and when potty training. Each child has their own cot that is used only by them during naptime. The walls are the perfect canvas for us to display the children’s artwork.This room is used as a transition from a toddler environment into our preschool program. The room is set up into different “learning centers” as well. We have a housekeeping area filled with child sized furniture, dress up clothes, play food and other household items. There is also a block area for children to stack and build, an activity table where we rotate different toys to keep their interest, more advanced puzzles, and a writing table for coloring and other early literacy support. Electronic learning toys are implemented in this room to prepare the children for our technological world. Duplo Legos, a train table, Calico Critter doll house, a Schleich Castle table and ‘Puzzibits’ are some of the other popular toys in the room.

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