All of the toys in our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kids’ Klub Rooms are carefully chosen to make sure they provide children the opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and social-emotional development.

Our Pre-K Room is designed for 20 children ages 4-5 with a 1:10 teacher to child ratio. There are tables where the children eat, do arts and crafts, as well as other educational activities. Each child has their own cubby for storage of personal items. Children in this room have access to the bathrooms and water fountain in Preschool. Each child has their own cot that is used only by them during naptime. The walls are the perfect canvas for us to display the children’s artwork.

The Pre-K Room is set up into different “learning centers” to help children understand the flow of a classroom setting, make their own choices, and provide structure and follow through to their social play experiences. The children utilize a Centers Board to decide which center they will play in based on availability (i.e. if the center only allows for 2 children at a time, there cannot be more than 2 children). We have a housekeeping area filled with child sized furniture, dress up clothes, play food and other household items. There are floor puzzles, a science table with rotating theme related STEM activities, a writing table for early writing development and creative art, Legos and building blocks. Children also have access to a tool table with play tools and construction toys, trains, a Calico Critter doll house, dinosaurs, a Schleich castle table, Matchbox cars and tracks and an easel. We have classic toys like lacing toys, peg boards with pegs, Lincoln logs, Magnaformers, and dry erase learning books, as well as more modern toys like iPads with OSMO and MARBOTICS learning systems. And of course we have musical instruments, including a full size upright piano.

Recently we have invested in a 65” 4K Promethean ActivPanel Nickel Touchboard! This technology will engage the children with its interactive display, and give them a “leg up” on understanding the technologies used in elementary school before they even start. 

Scotty’s Summer Vacation/Shutdown

Scotty’s will be closed Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12 for our Summer Vacation/Shutdown.

We will periodically be checking our phone and online messages. Please be advised that we will respond to you by Friday, July 19 at the latest.