Supply Room/Breakroom/Lockdown Area

Located in the basement of the building is our Supply Room, where we always have extra paper, writing instruments, paints, crayons and other arts and crafts supplies on hand. Here is where we store toys and furniture that are not being used. We are continually changing up the toys and the look of our rooms so that the children are kept interested.

Also located downstairs is our Breakroom and two bathrooms.

The supply and breakrooms also double as our Lock Down Area, in case of emergencies. We have taken extra measures to make sure that if an emergency were to happen, we are able to accommodate all of the children in this area. The doors only lock from the inside, and we have worked with local authorities to make sure it is safe and approved. Located in this area is drinkable water, bathrooms, a landline telephone, a television and access to the internet as well as toys and activities to keep the children occupied and calm.

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