Toddler 1 Curriculum

Every child develops at their own pace. We use guidelines and standards developed by State and National organizations for early childhood development to help create the best age appropriate activities for the children. The toddler rooms run on a structured yet flexible schedule that provides opportunities for learning and developing to take place naturally. We provide free play, guided play, and structured lesson times. Early Spanish language lessons are provided for the children weekly.

Scotty’s teachers provide a multitude of activities for the children every day. We have both planned activities which you will find on your monthly calendar and non-planned activities that happen naturally throughout each day and rely on the creativity of the teachers to enhance every day happenings into teachable moments.

Planned activities follow our monthly curriculum. Our curriculum consists of a weekly theme related to child development. Some examples of our themes include “Transportation”, “My 5 Senses”, “Friendship”, “Seasons”, and “Outer Space” (just to name a few). Each day is filled with theme related activities that enhance social emotional development, cognitive and   language development, as well as physical development. We do an arts and crafts project every day. Art encourages the children’s development of fine motor skills with the use of paint brushes, ripping paper, gluing and finger painting. Art also encourages the children to   create things and use their imaginations while learning. Early Spanish language lessons are provided for the children weekly. Our planned afternoon enrichment activity also follows our weekly theme. The activities range from fine or gross motor activities, social skill enhancement, to early science, math and technology.

Some Non-planned activities we like to do in Toddler 1:

Ice Cube Soup-The children take turns scooping up water filled with ice cubes into bowls and pretend to serve it to their friends. This sensory activity is always a hit! We talk about what ice and water feels like, what it tastes like, and even all the things we can do with it.

Animal Puzzle Piece Game– Why only use a puzzle as a puzzle? The teachers like to take the pieces of our animal puzzle and lay them out on the table. The teacher then asks the children to point to the animal that makes the “mooo” sound or the animal that says “quack quack”.

Scotty’s Summer Vacation/Shutdown

Scotty’s will be closed Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12 for our Summer Vacation/Shutdown.

We will periodically be checking our phone and online messages. Please be advised that we will respond to you by Friday, July 19 at the latest.