Kids’ Klub

All of the toys in our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kids’ Klub Rooms are carefully chosen to make sure they provide children the opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and social-emotional development.

Our Kids’ Klub Room is designed for 27 children ages 5-12 with a 1:10 teacher to child ratio. Each child has their own cubby for storage of personal items. The Kids’ Klub Room is located on the second floor. The children have access to two bathrooms located in the hallway. There is also a refrigerator and microwave located in the room so storing and assembling lunches is made easier.

The Kids’ Klub room is set up into different activity centers. The children utilize a Centers Board to decide which center they will play in based on availability (i.e. if the center only allows for 2 children at a time, there cannot be more than 2 children). We have just the right space for school aged children to relax, learn, and have fun! We have 2 full size arcades with hundreds of classic arcade games to choose from, an air hockey table, an arcade basketball game,  games like checkers and chess and a Lego table with thousands of different Lego bricks to build with. There is an area for pretend play with dress up clothes and props to be a store, or a house, or a lemonade stand. We always have various arts and crafts supplies on hand, puzzles, a Calico Critters play table, computers and various books to support all reading levels. There are Magnaformers and other magnets, “Puzibits”, blocks, Lincoln logs, dry erase writing activities, and much more.

Scotty’s Summer Vacation/Shutdown

Scotty’s will be closed Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12 for our Summer Vacation/Shutdown.

We will periodically be checking our phone and online messages. Please be advised that we will respond to you by Friday, July 19 at the latest.