Infant Room

All of the toys in our infant and toddler rooms encourage children to release their energy and improve their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional development.

Our Infant Room is designed to care for children starting as young as 6 weeks old. The infants are cared for at a 1:4 teacher to child ratio and the room is designed for 8 children. During their time in this room, the children are given a designated crib to give them that feeling of familiarity and comfort. In the room there is a small refrigerator used for the storage of bottles and baby food daily. There is also a crockpot for warming water to heat bottles as needed. When an infant is old enough for solids, we have a table that seats 4 infants where they can be fed and/or assisted in feeding by a teacher. Each child has their own designated area for storage of diapers, wipes, ointments and personal items located conveniently near the changing table. There is also a sink in the room for handwashing before and after eating, diaper changes, as well as when needed.

Scotty’s teachers provide a warm safe environment that is reinforced through holding, singing and talking to the infants. Cuddles, love and words of encouragement help infants develop trust and a sense of security. Infants engage and learn through laughing, babbling, sitting, rolling, crawling, pulling to stand at furniture, and trying to take his or her first steps! So, teacher interaction is the most important tool we use at this age.

Some other toys we provide for babies include cause-and-effect toys, which are often battery-operated toys that play music or complete fun actions with the push of a button or a swat of a foot. We have stationary activity centers, a piano mat, and other activity play mats for the infants to enjoy. Babies at this age also start dump-and-fill play, so we have many toys to encourage that skill. There are a variety of hand held toys, sensory toys, and manipulative toys as babies develop their fine motor skills. And of course, books! We have different types of books with bright colors and high contrast patterns to catch the babies interest.

Looking for before/after school care and transportation to/from Philip R Smith Elementary in South Windsor? We can help! Limited space available for our certified bus driver to drive your child to/from PRS! We even have openings for Half Day Wednesday After School care! Call us today at 860-870-9852!