The objective of our infant and toddler programs is to provide an exciting, safe environment that is reinforced with love, encouragement and praise.

Our Infant Room is designed for 8 children starting as young as 6 weeks old with a 1:4 teacher to child ratio. Scotty’s teachers hold, sing and talk to the infants throughout each day, as we believe that cuddles, love and words of encouragement help infants develop trust and a sense of security.

The infants enrolled here at Scotty’s spend their days on an “on demand” schedule. While at home during your maternity/paternity leave, you will establish a general schedule for your baby. We feel it’s important to continue with what you have established at home here in our infant program. Each parent drops their child off daily and lets the teacher know when they have eaten last, so we can begin planning their day. We engage the children in activities suited for their developmental stages. We listen to music, have tummy time, sing songs, clap our hands, play peek-a-boo, experience sound recognition, read stories, and much more. We have age appropriate toys such as sensory balls, rattles, grasping toys, books, mirrors, electronic learning centers, discovery mats, and push walkers. The infants also get a taste of the outside (weather permitting) by taking rides in our 4 seater stroller as well as getting some time on the outdoor and indoor playground!

We fill out a written Daily report for each child indicating each feeding, how much the baby eats, how long they nap, and each diaper change. This report will also indicate if you are running low on any supplies you have provided for the baby.

Parents provide all food, drinks, diapers, wipes, tissues, bedding, extra clothes and any other personal belongings you feel your child might need throughout the day. Bottles must come prepared daily from home and labeled with your child’s full name. Each child sleeps in their own crib provided by Scotty’s. Bedding must come the first day your child attends weekly and will be sent home on Fridays. Our cribs require a fitted portable crib sheet or pack n play fitted sheet. No blankets, crib bumpers, or any other items are permitted in cribs for children under 12 mo. All infants are placed on their backs to sleep.

Diapers are checked and changed on an as needed basis.

A complete list of “What to bring to the center” can be found by visiting our Parent Korner section of the website.

Scotty’s Summer Vacation/Shutdown

Scotty’s will be closed Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12 for our Summer Vacation/Shutdown.

We will periodically be checking our phone and online messages. Please be advised that we will respond to you by Friday, July 19 at the latest.