Ayman and Alison

Living close by and driving past Scotty’s Kiddy Korner, I had wanted to put my daughter in their hands, at their daycare. I remember reaching out a couple years ago after hearing about this daycare through my coworker. Unfortunately, at the time, due to our work locations and schedules it didn’t work for us. However, about 5 months ago, the timing was perfect, as I was transitioning to a position closer to home and to Scotty’s Kiddy Korner. My husband, daughter, and I are happy that we choose this daycare. The staff greets children and their parents at arrival and departure. Clean environment. A Monthly calendar is given at the beginning of the month, each week displaying a different theme for the week. Each day is filled with different activities that are age appropriate and focus on language in both English and Spanish, as well hands on projects. Personally, I love the curriculum, and my daughter’s speech and vocabulary continues to improve daily. As we know children experience different behaviors which can prove challenging at times. My daughter is about to turn 3 years old in about a week. She is experiencing a difficult transition into going onto the other side of the room, with a new teacher and the big 3’s classroom in her mind, is a huge deal. As we work with her through her anxiety in the mornings, teachers, Chelsea and Michelle have been great with listening to me discuss this challenge and they are currently working with my daughter to ease this transition. Anytime I have need to talk with Lillian, the Owner of the daycare by phone or on site at the daycare, she has been available. How often can you say that in other daycares. In addition to the teachers, Chelsea and Michelle transitioning our daughter into the 3’s class, the owner, Lillian called me for she knew that I had been calling about my daughter and her anxiety with transition. Lillian wasn’t returning my call, she was reaching to give more comfort to the situation, which we appreciate. We are happy that we made this transition over to Scotty’s Kiddy Korner.

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