Nancy B.

When looking for a child care facility for our first child, we took a suggestion of popping in unannounced to different centers to get a true sense of how each facility operates. Scotty’s was the third facility we looked at.

“We arrived at Scotty’s Kiddy Korner at 8:00am. This is, probably, the most hectic time of day for a child care facility (unbeknownst to us as first time parents). The atmosphere was very busy and noisy with parents dropping off their children and children getting organized into their assigned rooms. However, what we clearly remember, despite all the noise and activity, is that everyone (parents, teachers, and children) were all very cheerful. The children were just happily chattering away and playing together. We fell in love with Scotty’s immediately! We have been with Scotty’s for nearly 7 years and have two children now, each starting Scotty’s at 12 weeks old!

“Scotty’s has children grouped according to age. Each group works every day on age appropriate activities so that each child reaches their age appropriate milestone goals, such as: Infants transitioning to formula, food, sitting up, crawling, and walking. Toddlers learn to talk, and learn about colors, shapes, singing, counting, finger painting and then onto potty training (very helpful here!!!). Scotty’s teaches children social skills such as sharing and playing together. Scotty’s also takes appropriate disciplinary action known as the ever dreadful “Quiet Time”, gently yet firm, which has been a great tactic to use at home. Each child is taught to treat each other and the teachers with respect. Scotty’s takes great care in preparing each child for school as well with their Preschool and Pre-K programs. Even the teacher’s eyes well up, just as yours do, when your child steps onto the school bus for their very first day of kindergarten!

“We have to greatly commend the teachers at Scotty’s. They are the most patient people we know. If ever you have a concern about your child, they listen and work with you and your child, together, to get the results you want. Without a doubt, the teachers are one of the top reasons we picked Scotty’s Kiddy Korner. They love our children and protect them as much as we do. We sensed that the minute we walked, unannounced, through the door. We highly recommend Scotty’s Kiddy Korner to anyone looking for a child care facility!

Scotty’s Summer Vacation/Shutdown

Scotty’s will be closed Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12 for our Summer Vacation/Shutdown.

We will periodically be checking our phone and online messages. Please be advised that we will respond to you by Friday, July 19 at the latest.